An innovative Composite Solution to fight against the effects of climate change: URBAN CANOPEE


TOP GLASS Industries has recently supplied the startup company – Canopee Structures SAS – with TRIGLASS® fiberglass rods for the creation of an innovative and revolutionary solution to fight against the effects of climate change:URBAN CANOPEE.
The project Urban Canopee was born in 2016 and it is the result of research for more than ten years in the Navier laboratory of École des Ponts ParisTech (the National School of Roads and Bridges).

Urban Canopee offers innovation by deploying plant canopies over the city where it’s not possibile to plant trees. Plant canopies combat heat by deploying oases of freshness, restore urban biodiversity, provide many ecosystem benefits, fight against air pollution and improve the quality of life for citizens.
To manage the plants irrigation it is equipped with a innovative system – Sensopee – that allows the canopy to be totally autonomous for its water and electricity part with solar panels.
The process of islands of freshness is enabled by the layer of climbing plants lining the structures, promoting freshness by shading and evapotranspiration, contributing to the health and quality of life of the inhabitants. In addition, the climbing plants have the advantage of having a large total leaf area to to trap and store a large amount of CO2. This makes it possible to limit greenhouse gas emissions, which are very present in urban areas.


All the grid structures of URBAN CANOPEE are made of TRIGLASS® composite material.
The choice to use fiberglass profiles was dictated by the numerous advantages of the composite material for this type of application.
TRIGLASS® has an identical mechanical strength to steel but it’s four times lighter than it. Moreover, it is much more durable because of its excellent corrosion resistance. It has also a prolonged resistance to atmospheric agents.
Our profiles offer also outstanding ease of assembly and low maintenance costs that are typically high for equivalent structures made of wood and metal.


      • Weightless
      • Durability to external agents
      • Resistance to temperature changes
      • No need for maintenance
      • High mechanical properties

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