TRIGLASS® profiles in ancient Rome


Company project Capriello Vincenzo Restoration

Contractor: Special Supervision for the Archaeological Heritage of Rome

The far-sighted design meeting of Marco Capriello, owner of Capriello Vincenzo Restoration, with the exclusive advantages of TRIGLASS® profiles, has allowed the public reopening of The House of Augustus and The House of Livia in The Augustan Complex at The Palatine, 2,000 years after its completion.

In order to protect the important archaeological site they needed to build a new cover made in composite material.

Our  TRIGLASS® structural beams helped therefore realize the project, which was commissioned by the Special Supervision for the Archaeological Heritage of Rome.


First of all the composite material is a fundamental innovative material for contemporary construction, especially in renovation.
This is due to its special features, such as high mechanical characteristics, its dimensional stability, as well as the lightness and ease of installation and adaptability.

Finally other pultruded profile features like corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, and lack of maintenance, allow high flexibility of use even in unfavorable conditions.


  • lightness
  • mechanical resistance
  • ease of installation
  • adaptability
  • dimensional stability

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