TRIGLASS® Profiles at the Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale


Top Glass has sponsored the construction of an important and modern installation project made with fiberglass profiles at the Danish Pavilion of this years Venice Architecture Biennale. The realization was developed in an interdisciplinary partnership between architects from CITACentre for Information Technology and Architecture – in Copenghen.

The project, called Isoropia , means balance, equilibrium and stability – is a finely tuned balance of tension and compression. Bespoke knitted textiles with varying material properties embed active bent fiberglass tubes and together they find their equilibrium and form.

The tensile forces of the bending active fiberglass are counterbalanced by the knitted textile system. A stable equilibrium is established, which avoids counterweights as in traditional membrane architecture.


For this important architectural project, the designers choose to use the TRIGLASS®  fiberglass profiles for their incredible flexibility combined with the strong mechanical resistance. Fiberglass profiles are also incredible light and this make them easy to handle, transport and install. As a result they save a lot of time on projects and simplify the installations.


    • Flexibility
    • Mechanical resistance
    • Easy to install
    • Lightness

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