Top Glass Charity: support to the Italian Association “Aiutiamoli”

For more than thirty years the association Aiutiamoli Odv of Milan (Italian Association of Mental Patients’ Families) works for Mental Health by promoting prevention, improving the quality of life and supporting families . It creates conditions for better care and protection of mental illness.

This year within the project “IL FILO ROSSO DELLE PERIFERIE, SPAZI PARTECIPAZIONE ,INCLUSIONE” (the red wire of urban areas, spaces participation, inclusion)  it was  launched an important initiative for  the Perceptive Re-qualification  of the Psycho-Social Center – CPS – Milan Municipality 4, belonging to the Local Health Authority Fatebenefratelli-Sacco.

On the occasion of the 30 years of the Association also Top Glass wanted to financially support this important event, which involved numerous volunteers, users, mental health professionals and color technicians.

Through specific interventions of painting, wall maintenance and use of lights, numerous spaces have been re-qualified and improved inside the Psycho-Social Center and at the entrance to the building.

In the care areas the environmental quality and the atmosphere of the inhabited space are fundamental. The absence of cure and degradation care always refer to a message of little value and dignity of a person. On the other hand, a better qualitative perception of these places facilitates the alliance between the patient and the medical service.

Further info:

–project brochure.