The filling station of the future: SUDI® FRANCE


SUDI® FRANCE (Sustainable Urban Design & Innovation) in collaboration with Solutions Composites has developed a carport for an autonomous electric charging station.

The entire structure supporting the solar panels is made with structural TRIGLASS® profiles.


The choice to use fiberglass profiles was dictated by the numerous advantages of the composite material for this type of application:

– a light material that allows for a quick installation

– the high mechanical characteristics that are comparable to steel

– the electrical insulation that allows you to install the structure without the system grounding costs

– a prolonged resistance to atmospheric agents for significantly reducing maintenance costs that are typically high for equivalent structures made of wood and metal

This filling station of the future can be easily installed in public and private parking lots, rest stops, or car washes.


    • light material
    • quick installation
    • electrical insulation
    • high mechanical properties
    • almost zero maintenance costs

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