SOLIDAYS 2011: 2 km of TRIGLASS® tubes to create a 300 m2 indoor event space -in a single day


Solidays is a French music and cultural festival that takes place since 1999 in  Paris. Organised by Solidarité sida, the event brings together more than 150 artists and 170 000 festival-goers for three days. The proceeds from the festival are donated to organisations fighting against AIDS, especially for those focusing on the  African region.

In June 2011 one of the biggest temporary structures in composites material was built inside the festival only in one day: a gridshell-type structure open to the public of a size that has never been reached before.

This project was born from the collaboration between l’Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, the research laboratory Navier and several companies,  including Solutions Composites, French trade agent of Top Glass.

The result of the work and commitment of these actors created much enthusiasm and interest and opened the way for a large number of applications in the construction industry.


The gridshell structure is made of long glass-fiber TRIGLASS® tubes pinned together with scaffold swivel couplers. The structural members of the grid, all of different length, are built from one, two or three composite tubes connected with steel sleeves . The length of the profiles is restrained to 12m so standard trucks can deliver them.

The choice of the composite material, instead of the more traditional ones, was certainly a winning one because the fiberglass tubes were flexible but at the same time rigid, but above all light and easy to move for a temporary structure to be assembled and disassembled in very little time.

For more information on the project we invite you to visit the web site

Forum Solidays 2011

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