Profile design

The Top Glass Technical Office works in close synergy with other departments to offer customers a timely and professional design service. We are offering optimal support on every decisions related to the profile design. Dimensions, thickness, form complexity, appropriate raw materials and mechanical specifications are the key aspects.

Over the years, our experts have developed all the skills necessary to ensure the success of each production. This includes advising customers in the decision-making process, and suggesting the best forms to be adopted. Finally we help them in selecting the right mix of raw materials for production in order to achieve the required performance.

Alongside traditional CAD technologies, Top Glass provides customers with a profile 3D printing service. It provides a fast and accurate verification of the selected material combinations and design soundness.

Once a design has been defined with the customer, the Top Glass mechanical workshop team crafts the profile mould Furthermore it applies any adjustments to the production machines, if the design involves bigger dimension than those traditionally required by the market.

The mechanical characteristics of the resulting profile are finally subjected to advanced laboratory tests for resilience and resistance to traction, flexion, compression, shearing and fatigue.

Comprehensive production control ensures that Top Glass can produce profiles of any desired length; however, given the clearances required for truck transport, we advise that individual profile lengths should not exceed 12 metres.