Moulds and Equipments

Over time Top Glass has developed an incredible know-how in the design and construction of moulds and equipments for the production of  fiberglass profiles. Due to this fact we can offer the market a unique and high-quality product.

A fundamental element of our production facility is the workshop. Thanks to highly advanced machinery, we build moulds distinguished by their extremely high quality, precision and the specific nature of the steels employed.

Today, the equipment which Top Glass continuously maintains can serve for the production of over 750 individual profiles, most of which have been designed to customer’s specifications.

Not just molds: since 1972, Top Glass has been engineering, constructing and installing systems. They are built  for the production of pultrusion profiles and poles. Certainly we constantly invest in internal research and development. As a result a highly qualified team of experts assures a quick intervention times to adapt our systems in response to the most complex market demands.

Top Glass can provide system design, construction and installation services to domestic and international markets.