Special profiles

SPECIAL TRIGLASS® composite profiles (GRP – CFRP) customised to a customer’s design, constitute an important part of Top Glass production.
This group of pultruded profiles are designed to meet specific requirements in terms of shape and chemical or physical properties.

Thanks to its production capacity Top Glass can supply a wide range of composite profiles with simple to complex (customized) design, with constant cross-section and unlimited length. Dimensions range goes from 0.9 mm up to 1500 mm.

As a result, Top Glass  since 1963 has manufactured countless pultruded profiles to meet the needs of engineers, technicians and designers who are aware of the infinite possibilities of composite material and have tested and adopted our solutions.

Even more all the moulds and equipment needed for this specialized production are designed and manufactured within Top Glass.

Our technicians are equipped with advanced CAD technologies for computer-aided profile design.
They work as a team with materials experts to find just the right combination of raw materials.
Finally each profile is laboratory tested to verify compliance with the technical specifications of the customer.