On fire, on ice, on TOP – TRIGLASS® profiles for windows

Fiberglass is one of the most energy efficient construction material ready to be used for a new generation of windows.

Typically, our TRIGLASS® profiles are used for designing:


Top Glass produces TRIGLASS® fibreglass profiles that are used for windows frame designing mostly because they are extremely strong and light. The window systems made with TRIGLASS® profiles do not need any additional internal reinforcement with metal.
Reducing the bulk and weight of windows, they cut also transportation costs.

TRIGLASS® profiles, with their excellent thermal properties, allow also a slim and high-insulating frame structure. Fibreglass materials have a thermal conductivity coefficient around 0.3 W/mK that is incredibly low compared to aluminum and steel.

They also guarantee high dimensional stability. They are stable like steel and stand up excellently in large temperature fluctuations. Minimal expansion and zero warping guaranteed.

Thresholds made with TRIGLASS® profiles for lift and alide doors and windows have better technical characteristics, in terms of

  • heat transmittance
  • air permeability 
  • water tightness
  • impact resistance

They have a high load bearing capacity and thanks to their mechanical resistance they are suitable for heavy and large sliding windows.

TRIGLASS® thresholds are light and easy to handle, transport and install. By using TRIGLASS® profiles you will save time on projects and simplify installations in case you are working in remote locations.

TRIGLASS® fiberglass profiles give also SHUTTERS a low weight and exceptional mechanical resistance combined with a high tolerance to sunlight. Unlike wooden and aluminum shutters, they do not need maintenance and they can last for years. Furthermore, thanks to the excellent insulating properties they protect from sun and high temperatures the internal of the house.