Design of FRP structures in seismic zone

The aim of this manual is to address the issues related to the design of pultruded FRP structures subjected to static and dynamic loading.

Positive energy walls: WALL E+® revolutionizes construction

The company, Solutions Composites,  has introduced a revolutionary construction system in the world of building: WALL E+ ®

The innovative ARCOSYSTEM: elevated GRP cable duct system

The company, Castioni Kabelführungssysteme, in collaboration with the Top Glass technical office, has designed an innovative ground-floor system for laying cables for energy distribution in the railway sector

The filling station of the future: SUDI® FRANCE

SUDI® FRANCE (Sustainable Urban Design & Innovation) in collaboration with Solutions Composites has developed a carport for an autonomous electric charging station.

TRIGLASS® profiles in ancient Rome

Top Glass has supplied structural composite beams for making of a new cover to protect an important archaeological site in Rome.

SOLIDAYS 2011: 2 km of TRIGLASS® tubes to create a 300 m2 indoor event space -in a single day

In June 2011 the French festival Solidays welcomed a world first in the field of composites : a gridshell-type structure open to the public of a size that has never been reached before.

An innovative roof made of fibreglass TRIGLASS® profiles

In order to preserve the original structure of Maria Paganica Church, badly affected by the destructive force of the earthquake of 2009, it was necessary to design and erect a roof to protect it in a way that took into account the seismic characteristics of the territory.

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