Come to visit us at MADE EXPO and discover the innovative AEDIFICO system

We are glad to announce our participation at the MADE EXPO, international trade show for architecture and construction industry, that will take place from March 13th to 16th in Milan fairgrounds Rho (PAD 06 – STAND F09 G10).
The fair will be a great opportunity to present the AEDIFICO system to the public.

It’s an innovative building enclosure engineered and patented by Top Glass Industries S.p.A. and Costruzioni Bertoldini srl. The system was  developed thanks to the exclusive collaboration with Fassa Bortolo, that combines the characteristics of concrete or drywall slabs with the elevate properties of the TRIGLASS® pultruded fiberglass profiles.

AEDIFICO is a new generation building enclosure, not comparable with any of the existing enclosure types. It is similar to the “dry layered system” and uses layers that have different functions. The internal wall space is used for insulating purposes both in terms of heat and for noise reduction. Moreover, the system optimizes the thermal break between external and internal contact walls due to the presence of a fiberglass TRIGLASS® main pillar and specifically designed support elements.

 AEDIFICIO presents an optimum insulating capacity, both from an acoustic and thermal point of view. The internal systems are inserted between the frame in composite profiles, that have a high acoustic damping level. The profiles contribute also to increase the thermal performance because they are combined with the insulating material inserted in the hollow space.

With the AEDIFICO system it can certainly be said that THE FUTURE OF DRY CONSTRUCTIONS IS BECOMING REALITY!