An innovative roof made of fibreglass TRIGLASS® profiles


Maria Paganica Church was badly affected by the destructive force of the earthquake of 2009 that caused extensive damage throughout the province of l’Aquila.
In order to preserve the original structure that remained and to protect the artworks housed there, it was necessary to design and erect a roof to protect it in a way that took into account the seismic characteristics of the territory.


When the project was conceived it was immediately seen that the roof should be supported by a lightweight frame that transferred minimal force to the internal floor. This frame also had to be easy to transport, in order to avoid the use of bulky lifting equipment on site and provide resistance to the inevitable aftershocks that still were in the area.

It was by way of this project that the twenty-year collaboration between Top Glass, as manufacturer of composite profiles, and the University of Venice,  led to the creation of an  important and imposing structures dedicated to the restoration of sacred artworks, made entirely of fibreglass profiles.


  • High mechanical performance
  • Easy to fabricate and assemble
  • Resistant to seismic tremors
  • Electrically insulating
  • Maintenance free
  • Easily handled without the need for lifting equipment

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