Positive energy walls: WALL E+® revolutionizes construction


The company, Solutions Composites,  has introduced a revolutionary construction system in the world of building: WALL E+ ®.
It’s a wall system where TRIGLASS® fiberglass profiles are used for the construction of structural walls as well as self-supporting facades.

It is a new, technologically advanced way for the realization of high efficiency housing systems and energy recovery.


This innovative system allows high energy efficiency building, which at the same time, reduces the costs of construction  and  installation time.

Use of the composite material makes the system very light. It is therefore easy and quick to install while guaranteeing high mechanical performance.

Thanks to the use of fiberglass pultruded profiles, the whole system has a coefficient of thermal conductivity that is less than 0.2 W/mK, thus ensuring a one of a kind thermal insulation.


  • high thermal insulation
  • high mechanical performance
  • lightness
  • quick installation
  • thermal cut

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