COMPOSITE POLES for applications where lightweight, limited access and corrosion resistance are important

For over thirty years, Top Glass has produced tapered fibreglass utility poles using centrifugal casting, a technology developed entirely inside the company and drawing on its design capabilities and production systems.
Pultruded poles feature high reliability when compared to traditional options in steel, aluminium, wood or concrete thanks to their features like:

  • ELECTRICAL INSULATION: high insulating properties accommodate increased safety for workers and the public.
  • DURABILITY: installation and use with almost zero maintenance.
  • LIGHTNESS: low logistics cost due to their light weight and easily portable by hand.
  • MECHANICAL RESISTANCE: high strength level to weight ratio, excellent mechanical properties
  • ATMOSPHERIC RESISTANCE: strong resistance to atmospheric agent and weathering.
  • NO CORROSION: adapt for contact with diverse chemicals, especially acids, alkaline substances and solvents. They do not rust.

Tapered fiberglass reinforced poles adapt to various uses including as lighting poles, traffic light poles, signage poles, flagpoles, harbor poles and poles for aerial and telephone lines.

Our lighting poles are certified according to EC directives.


In our latest brochure you find all the available dimensions, the suggestion for foundations and the technical sheet. 

Centrifugal casting is a production technology used to make composite poles (with fibreglass) in the shape of a truncated cone (tapered poles) with maximum length, set only for logistical constraints, of 13.6 metres.
The pole is formed by inserting the reinforcement (fibreglass) and the matrix (resin) in a specific rotating mould that has a truncatedcone cavity. This technology makes it possible to make products with a high degree of dimensional and physical-mechanical repeatability.