TRIGLASS® High Performance profiles obtained CE marking

In December 2021 the profiles TRIGLASS® High Performance have obtained the CE marking (0970-CPR-0942/CE/1221). 
TRIGLASS® High Performance are profiles specifically designed for structural applications.

A proposal for a Circular Economy (CE) for FRP products: the“UnlockCE” project

TOP GLASS Industries is taking part as a partner in a project named “UnlockCE” that has been submitted to the EU funding programme Horizon 2020. The purpose of the program is to demonstrate systemic solutions for the territorial deployment of a circular economy.

TOP GLASS Industries never stops: we are doing important works for the expansion of the production site

Since last September we are doing important works for the expansion of the TOP GLASS site in Osnago (Lecco). The construction site is nearby to the Top Glass production plant, whose activity has never stopped. An expansion of the structure by about 40% is planned with the aim of increasing the space dedicated to the […]

A new life for our products: the recyclability of TRIGLASS® fiberglass

TRIGLASS®️ profiles as well as truncated poles from our technology and by our equipment are now considered recycling materials at all levels.

On fire, on ice, on TOP – TRIGLASS® profiles for windows

Fiberglass is one of the most energy efficient construction material ready to be used for a new generation of windows.
Typically, our TRIGLASS® profiles are used for designing of  WINDOWS FRAMES – THRESHOLDS – SHUTTERS

An innovative Composite Solution to fight against the effects of climate change: URBAN CANOPEE

TOP GLASS Industries has recently supplied the startup company – Canopee Structures SAS – with TRIGLASS® fiberglass rods for the creation of an innovative and revolutionary solution to fight against the effects of climate change: URBAN CANOPEE.

The key role of TRIGLASS® profiles in façade renovation

In 2019 TOP GLASS has supplied brise-soleil TRIGLASS® profiles used in the retrofitting of the façade of Guynemer building, at Issy Les Moulineaux, a suburban area of Pari

Ultra-lightweight temporary building at Tensinet Symposium 2019 realized in composite materials.

TOP GLASS Industries participated to the 6th Tensinet Symposium 2019 which took place from the 3rd to the 5th of June at the University Politecnico di Milano.
The principal project realized for the Tensinet Symposium was the TemporActive pavilion.

TRIGLASS® I-beams for the construction of a wharf at the MEMORIAL ACTe on Guadalupe island

We have supplied composite I-beams for the construction of two wharf on the sea for the important structure MEMORIAL ACTe on Guadalupe Island.

Certificate of compliance for TRIGLASS® GRP- cable trays system for the railway industries

A new Certificate of Compliance for our GRP cable trays demonstrates that our product and the management systems are suitable for use in the railway industries .

4 reasons why Composites are replacing other materials

In the last years, composite profiles are replacing traditional materials like aluminum and steel because of their unique characteristics that make them an ideal solution for engineers, technicians and designers. In this article we explain the 4 main reasons why.

FIRE TRIGLASS® profiles: certified according to EN 45545-2/2013 for the highest hazard level

TOP GLASS produces FIRE TRIGLASS® profiles with high fire resistance properties and very low smoke emission.
They was certified according to EN 45545-2/2013 and it complied with the requirements for the highest hazard level “HL3” for “R1”.

COMPOSITE POLES for applications where lightweight, limited access and corrosion resistance are important

For over thirty years, Top Glass has produced pultruded poles adapt to various uses including as lighting poles, traffic light poles, signage poles, flagpoles and poles for aerial and telephone lines.

Building with TRIGLASS® High Performance profiles: the innovation in the construction industry

In 2018 Top Glass has created a new composite material named TRIGLASS® High Performance, specifically designed for structural applications.

TRIGLASS® Profiles at the Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale

Top Glass has sponsored the construction of an important and modern installation project at the Danish Pavilion of this years Venice Biennale.

Top Glass sponsors the “Glass House” at the Iuav University of Venice

Top Glass sponsored the construction of a new temporary pavilion, designed by University of Venice students in the historic home of the Iuav University of Venice

Design of FRP structures in seismic zone

The aim of this manual is to address the issues related to the design of pultruded FRP structures subjected to static and dynamic loading.

Positive energy walls: WALL E+® revolutionizes construction

The company, Solutions Composites,  has introduced a revolutionary construction system in the world of building: WALL E+ ®

The innovative ARCOSYSTEM: elevated GRP cable duct system

The company, Castioni Kabelführungssysteme, in collaboration with the Top Glass technical office, has designed an innovative ground-floor system for laying cables for energy distribution in the railway sector

The filling station of the future: SUDI® FRANCE

SUDI® FRANCE (Sustainable Urban Design & Innovation) in collaboration with Solutions Composites has developed a carport for an autonomous electric charging station.