Ultra-lightweight temporary building at Tensinet Symposium 2019 realized in composite materials.

TOP GLASS Industries participated to the 6th Tensinet Symposium 2019 which took place from the 3rd to the 5th of June at the University Politecnico di Milano.

Only for this occasion the university researchers  have designed and realized the TemporActive pavilion. This construction is a ultra-lightweight temporary building that shows the results of the research about tensile structures. A bending-active hybrid structures was designed to support and shape a flexible and translucent membrane . The structure presents dimensions of 7 x 12 m and an high in the mid span of about 3.5 m. The total weight is only 50 kg.

The basement structure was realized with TRIGLASS® profiles: a series of “H” beams with dimensions of 75x150x8 mm was connected with angle profiles (45x112x3 mm) to create a primary and secondary warping. Also the upper curved part of the pavilion was realized with TRIGLASS® profiles. Three tube profiles with external diameter of 26 mm were connected together and curved to obtain the arch shape. These profiles were connected to the basement structures with a “V” shape steel element.

The entire structure was realized with pultruded composite materials except for the presence of internal stainless steel cables. After the symposium, this structure will be rebuilt and reused as leisure time facility for the student of the Politecnico inside the campus.

The TRIGLASS® profiles allow to create a non-invasive and lightness structure that was assembled in few hours and represents the innovation in the soft structures field.

The main topics of the symposium were:

  • the design and construction of soft structures;
  • the analysis of innovative materials used to obtained structural lightness;
  • new shapes;
  • thermal and acoustic comfort;
  • the relation with the environment and the existing architectures that guarantee recognizable and removable properties.

As Frei Otto (architect and engineer specialized in lightweight tensile and membrane structures) said, Our times demand lighter, more energy-saving, more mobile and more adaptable, in short term more natural buildings”. The tensile structures can answer to this topic due to their properties of lightness, speed of execution, adaptation capability in terms of shape and dimensions. These structures are increasingly used worldwide for different application, from little and temporary pavilions to permanent cover or surfaces of large buildings.

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