The innovative ARCOSYSTEM: elevated GRP cable duct system


Whether on rail routes, at airports, or in the field of energy supply, the availability of modern systems largely depends on reliable power supply and transmission of information. In this context it is important that a multitude of sensitive cables are efficiently protected against outside influences.

For this reason the company, Castioni Kabelführungssysteme, in collaboration with the Top Glass technical office, has designed an innovative ground-floor system for laying cables for energy distribution in the railway sector.

ARCOSYSTEM guarantees adequate protection for the external agents. The system has been specifically engineered for land installation where the typical excavations along rail tracks for traditional ducts are particularly expensive or impossible to perform.
The implementation of ARCOSYSTEM is easy, fast and requires less manpower thanks to the extreme lightness of TRIGLASS®products.

The particular design of the double-walled and elevated mechanical performance of the composite material allows for installing the duct in total safety with up to 6 meters in support distance.

The system is equipped with an effective vandal-proof coverage that is easily applicable without the use of special tools.


The composite material is light. This feature allows for easy maneuvering of the material and significantly helps reduce handling and installation costs.

Fiberglass also allows the entire system to meet particularly stringent technical requirements in terms of mechanical characteristics of fire resistance and electrical insulation.


  • easy to install
  • 6 meters in support distance
  • light and maneuverable
  • particular design made by composite material
  • electrical insulation
  • does not require grounding
  • dimensional and mechanical stability

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