A new life for our products: the recyclability of TRIGLASS® fiberglass

In July 6th, the CSI institute issued the  “FRP200004” certificate of conformity, declaring part of our waste recyclable and reusable as a new raw material for a different production cycle.

TRIGLASS®️ profiles as well as truncated poles from our technology and by our equipment are now considered recycling materials at all levels.

What previously was just landfill waste, acquires now new value, for a new life in another productive cycles.

Top Glass run a series of physical and chemical tests demonstrating the activation of a specific industrial chain that guarantees the reuse of this materials. Such a waste is now becoming a by-product. As defined by the Italian code (D.Lgs 152/2006) by-product is “a substance originated by a production process as waste or remnant, reused in the same or in another productive cycle”.

Top Glass has long been committed to environmental sustainability and is an active promoter of circular economy processes where waste is treated as valuable resource and scraps are kept at minimum. The recovery of production allows to dispose wastes without damaging the environment generating a series of benefits for the people and the territory in which the company operates.