Top Glass Christmas Charity: Clinica di Alemtena in Etiopia

Anche quest’anno abbiamo deciso di fare un regalo veramente importante ai nostri clienti devolvendo la somma, solitamente destinata ai regali aziendali, ad una Clinica gestita dalle Missioni della Consolata in Etiopia, più precisamente ad Alemtena.

Il nostro contributo aiuterà a sopperire le difficoltà di accesso ai servizi sanitari e a dare una maggiore fruibilità del diritto alla salute a tutti gli abitanti di Alemtena e dintorni, soprattutto per le persone affette da HIV.

Il programma comprende esami e servizi di laboratorio, medicinali, vaccinazioni, prevenzione della tubercolosi,  terapie e prevenzione da virus HIV, programmi di distribuzione di cibo supplementare per bambini affetti da malnutrizione.

Qualora intendeste partecipare con un vostro contributo riportiamo gli estremi bancari della clinica per poter effettuare una donazione.

Beneficiary Name: Society of Missionary Sisters, Servants of Holy Spirit
Bank: Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
Account:  0172425931700
Bank Address:  Addis Abeba Branch
Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
International Banking Division
P.O.Box 255, Addis Abeba , Ethiopia
Swift Code:  CBETETAA
Purpose of Payment: Donation for the support of the Meky hospital in Alentema


Pubblichiamo l’ultima lettera ricevuta dalla Missione con la descrizione delle attività svolte durante l’anno 2019:

Dear Friends

Another year had pasted and we are approaching the most beautiful feast of CHRISTMAS. Loving greetings from Alemtena.

This year in Alemtena we got very nice rain, the people are very happy, everywhere is green and the crops are good. Our Medium Clinic is giving very good service to the community which is observing in increasing number of patients. Although the government requirements are very demanding and difficult for us as a private no profit organization. We had a lot of things to be thankful for during whole year indeed, big and small, joyful and sad.

I would like to share with you some of the happenings. This year we change the roof of the clinic, the old served for 25 years. Was time to change the iron sheets, because in rain season the water was coming inside. We also start treatment with alternative medicines, using herbs and acupuncture. With a lot of patients, we need to find way to help them in not so expensive treatment, because medicines sometimes are not available.

We are helping financially 2 students for nursing training and laboratory technician, this year one of them will finished the school. We are very happy.

We continue with good professional staff and quality service. Our priority, as before, are pregnant women and children. Nothing will make you so happy as to see children born healthy and mother with smile.

Each day we share our life’s stories with the people who come to us.

Now I will share with you some activities of the past year 2019. We continue our routine preventive and curative services daily

16453 patients received medical treatment, laboratory and pharmacy service
-4275 children < 1 year old were vaccinated in the clinic and in 6 surrounding villages.
-2867 pregnant women received TT vaccine preventing Tetanus
-3342 women attended ANC /Antenatal care/. All of them were included in PMTCT program/Preventing Mother to Child Transmission of HIV virus/. All pregnant women received free anemia preventing drugs and vitamins.
-336 attended VCT with 1 HIV positive cases. There were many others who volunteered for testing but due to the lack of diagnostic kits we were not able to provide other service for them than counseling.  The kits are distributed by government health institutions only. Unfortunately, we have no influence on the amount of kits provided.
-463 patients entered PIHCT program with 3 HIV positive patients
-5463 children < 5 years old attended growth monitoring sessions with malnutrition assessment. Children in need were provided with supplementary food – Fafa, some received weekly baby milk.
5652 sick children were treated for various diseases, mainly respiratory truck infections, diarrhea, skin infections and malnutrition.

We continue providing 24 hours delivery service and PNC.

Our live is very connected with the lives of our patients and people who come to us each day. This is the blessing to hear their stories about life’s ’joys, pains, worries and challenges. In atmosphere of trust and peace many miracles can take place, especially inside our hearts. We can learn from each other and face day to day problems with less fear.

God blessings for coming New Year 2020

Loving greetings from all of us