Top Glass Charity: Clinica di Alem Tena in Etiopia

A partire dagli anni 80 Top Glass supporta la clinica di Alem Tena in Etiopia contribuendo a sopperire le difficoltà di accesso ai servizi sanitari e dando una maggiore fruibilità del diritto alla salute a tutti gli abitanti.

Il programma comprende esami e servizi di laboratorio, medicinali, vaccinazioni, prevenzione della tubercolosi,  terapie e prevenzione da virus HIV, programmi di distribuzione di cibo supplementare per bambini affetti da malnutrizione.

Per poter effettuare una donazione alla clinica riportiamo gli estremi bancari:

Beneficiary Name: Society of Missionary Sisters, Servants of Holy Spirit
Bank: Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
Account:  0172425931700
Bank Address:  Addis Abeba Branch
Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
International Banking Division
P.O.Box 255, Addis Abeba , Ethiopia
Swift Code:  CBETETAA
Purpose of Payment: Donation for the support of the Meky hospital in Alentema


Pubblichiamo l’ultima lettera ricevuta dalla Missione con la descrizione delle attività svolte durante l’anno 2018:

Dear Mr. Alfonso and Family

Christmas is almost at hand and New Year 2019 approaches with every passing day. I would like to greet you in this holy season and say hearty THANK YOU for your generous support that Alem Tena Clinic receives from you since the very beginning of its existence.
It is always joy to share with you what we could accomplish in the area of health promotion and curing the sickness of the patients who come to us for help.
I would like to write few words about our activities and share with you some examples of the help we were able to give to the needy.
Hanna Abebe, 4 years old child, was taken for surgery to Cure hospital in Addis Ababa. She could not walk and stand without help due to the birth defect of her legs. At present she can walk and run as any healthy child although one leg has not fully recovered. She still needs periodically control visits to hospital. Last such visit took place yesterday. There is hope that as she grows she can fully recover. Next surgery can be done when she becomes 8 years old.
We had a number of infants who lost their mothers during delivery. Unfortunately home deliveries are still very common in Ethiopia in spite of continuous health education and encouragement the women receive during antenatal visits to the clinic. These deliveries are attended by the neighbors or unskilled traditional birth attendants. When there are complications, it is too late for help or too far to the health facility to get help on time. Families come to us for help in feeding the children. Infant milk formula is so expensive that ordinary people cannot effort to buy it. The price of one tin of milk needed for a week is ¼ of the monthly income of a daily worker. Majority of people in this area do daily labor. Their wages have to sustain all the family with many children. Without help, at least till the baby completes 6 months and is able to start variety of other food, the survival of the baby wouldn’t be possible.
Sometimes mothers with multiple pregnancies face the same problem. Their bodies are too tired to produce enough milk for the next infant. There were also some cases of babies abounded by their mothers. At times they are left under somebody’s door, at other times in the market place or in the field in the paper box. Here it is easy to find people who want to bring them up, even if family has already many children. Problem is again milk. Thanks to your financial help we can help these families in their difficulties. We check regularly the weight of these children and enjoy every gained gram and smile on their faces.
As always there are patients who cannot pay for their treatment. They never go home empty handed. When we need to refer them to hospital for further investigation, they can also count on our help in covering the expenses of transportation and treatment otherwise they would simply return home and continue suffering. Tsagaye G/Silasie is one of them. He is a 60 years old men with heart disease, now on treatment.
We continue taking care of HIV positive patients. During home visit we learn about their well-being and can identify their difficulties. When they feel well, they do daily labor and manage by themselves. When they are bed ridden they need help and support. It might be food till they recover, it might be blanket [this time temperature in the night falls to 6’C], it might be visit to hospital to take X-ray. Just recently two of HIV positive patients were diagnosed with tuberculosis.
Needs are so many and I could multiply the examples. We are happy that we can help and that thanks to you we have means to help.
Now there will follow some numbers of the beneficiaries that this past year received our services:

  • 7,498 patients received medical treatment, laboratory and pharmacy service
  • 260 children <1 year old were vaccinated in the clinic and 598 in 6 outreach villages.
  • 446 pregnant women received TT vaccine preventing Tetanus
  • 1,501 women attended ANC /Antenatal care/. All of them were included in PMTCT program/Preventing Mother to Child Transmission of HIV virus/. All pregnant women were tested for HIV during their first visit to the clinic. Three were diagnosed as HIV positive and provided with antiretroviral therapy and psychological support during pregnancy. All pregnant women received free anemia preventing drugs and vitamins.
  • 154 attended VCT with 3 HIV positive cases.
  • 909 patients entered PIHCT program with 5 HIV positive patients
  • 2,893 children < 5 years old attended growth monitoring sessions with malnutrition assessment. Children in need were provided with supplementary food – Fafa, some received weekly baby milk.
  • 2,514 sick children were treated for various diseases, mainly respiratory truck infections, diarrhea, skin infections and malnutrition.
  • We continue providing 24 hours delivery service and PNC.
  • Health education was given to 7,164 participants.

Concluding this letter I wish you and all your family a blessed and peaceful Christmas. In my prayer I remember you and thank God for the gift that you are for the poor of Ethiopia.

With best regards

Sr. Anna Trzepacz