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ARCOSYSTEM - Castioni Kabelführungssysteme


As populations increase around the world the volume of passenger services and goods transportation by rail are steadily increasing. Rail networks are expanding, and their support systems demand better connectivity.
Networking along English, German and European rail routes is undergoing major expansion. The provision of power and transmission of data depends upon the suitability of the cable management system. Cables need to be effectively protected against the elements and external influences if continuing power and data transmission is to be guaranteed. Cables that are kilometres long ensure that point mechanisms and signals are controlled, that electronic signal boxes are connected, that railway staff can communicate via GSM-R train radio and that other current consumers and data users can be supplied. Logistics play a critical role during expansion of this kind, especially in extremely congested built-up areas, node points and in costly city locations such as Berlin, London or Paris.
In other poorly accessible areas, such as remote embankments, the use of heavy concrete cable ducts is equally costly in terms of personnel, equipment, mobilization and possession time. Whether buried or elevated, plastic cable ducts need to be light. This makes them quicker and easier to install. Difficult or even impassable terrain, as well as restrictions arising from lack of space or ownership status along the railway routes mean that it is not always technically, operationally or economically feasible to in- stall conventional, buried concrete or plastic cable ducts in order to accommodate and route cables.
The ARCOSYSTEM Size 1 + Size 2 elevated GRP cable management system is an economic alternative in cases such as this.
ARCOSYSTEM Size 1 has a usable inner cross section of 100 x 150 mm and ARCOSYSTEM Size 2 250 x 150 mm.
The elevated cable duct ARCOSYSTEM Sizes 1 + 2 allows a maximum distance of 6 metres between the sigma posts.


Connection plate, sigma post and the GRP cable duct base and lid are extremely easy to install. The sigma post is rammed into the soil. Then, the connection plate is bolted together with the sigma post. Depending on the selected fixation with 2 or 4 bolts, the 6 meter long GRP cable duct base is inserted into the fixation.
The 6 meter long GRP lid snaps in the GRP cable duct base without any additional fixings.
As a result of this easy to install system the assembly time of the cable duct is extremely reduced. The simple and thus fast installation provides a great advantage. Overall, the GRP cable duct system presents a commercially viable alternative to conventional concrete cable ducts.
Thanks to this solution, the project duration is shortened and the construction and labour costs are low.


  • Low cost of transportation
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Solid design
  • Non-conductive
  • No earthing required
  • High mechanical stability
  • Corrosion resistant